How does the shirt work?

A COOLSHIRT contains more than 45 feet of medical grade capillary tubing securely stitched on the front and back of the shirt. They are connected to a compact cooling unit via insulated hose with quick, dry disconnects. The cooling unit contains ice, water and an internal pump that supplies cool water to the COOLSHIRT as it covers up to 40% of the body.

How long will it keep the user cool?

It depends on what type of ice is used (block, crushed or cubed). All of the systems will cool for a longer period of time if BLOCK ice is used rather than crushed or cubed ice. Using block ice, the systems will cool for about 6-7 hours.

How does the system operate?

The system connects to any standard outlet via a UL-approved 110V Adaptor or can be connected to a 12V battery.

How do you assemble the system for use?

Attach the hoses to the cooling unit and the shirt to the hoses. Be sure the quick, dry disconnect fittings are fully seated by listening for an audible “click”. Add a gallon of water to the cooling unit. Add ice to the top of the cooler. The COOLSHIRT system is now ready for use. The system connects to any standard outlet via a UL-approved 110V Adaptor or to a 12V battery.

How do you adjust the temperature of the shirt or poncho?

The Temperature Controller is located on the insulated hose near the shirt/poncho. Simply adjust the roller on the controller to control flow and temperature on the shirt/poncho.

How can I tell that the shirt is working?

The shirt is designed to cool the user, not make them cold. The system is designed to maintain a comfortable temperature. As it is worn, the user can become very comfortable with the shirt or poncho and become unaware of the cooling it is actually providing. If unsure, the easiest way to see that it is working properly is to shut the system off. In less than two minutes, you will have the answer.

What are the maintenance requirements?

The COOLSHIRT can be hand or machine-washed and hung to quickly drip-dry or can be dried in a dryer using a laundry bag. Cooling Unit and Hoses:
– Interior: With each use, add 2 ounces of Maintenance Additive (MA-16) in the cooling unit with the ice and water while the unit is being used. This will keep the pump, hoses and shirt lines clear of the buildup that occurs naturally in water-circulation systems. Wipe out cooling unit after each use.
– Exterior: When deemed necessary, wipe cooling unit, cart and hoses down with warm soapy water (preferably antibacterial). Maintain the outside of these parts just as you would maintain any other equipment used in your environment.

How long does the cooling last?

This depends on the size of users, the number of users connected to the system and the temperature settings. Expect many hours of use before adding ice.

How is the COOLSHIRT stored?

Hang the shirt on a large hanger. Coil the insulated hoses and store in the cooling unit or lay flat. Do not hang the hoses as this may damage them.

Is the system electrically safe?

Yes. The pump is double-insulated and is available as a 12 Volt system or with a UL-approved 110 adapter. See specifications on adapter.

Does COOLSHIRT Systems ship internationally?

YCOOLSHIRT Systems ships worldwide, contact us for more information