COOLSHIRT Supports the Uganda Spine Surgery Mission

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uganda spine surgery mission

The Uganda Spine Surgery Mission improves the lives of men, women, and children facing severe spinal ailments. Recently, COOLSHIRT joined the effort, upgrading conditions for volunteer surgical teams in East Africa.

Each surgery that these volunteers perform gives new hope to people who might otherwise not receive proper medical care. However:

  • Procedures can last 7-10 hours and take place in very high temperatures.
  • Traditional cooling methods are not always available because of the lack of ice.
  • Older styles of cooling garments add weight as they lose effectiveness.

Dr. Paul Holman, a Mission volunteer and director of the Houston Methodist Spine Center, says, “One of the biggest issues we face is extreme OR temperatures that make fatigue a huge problem. Having an iceless unit there that only requires water would be a blessing beyond comprehension.”

COOLSHIRT responded, donating an entire iceless cooling system as well as garments and accessories to the effort. With this contribution, we hope to allow doctors to perform a higher number of surgeries so that they can help more people in need.

Learn more about the Uganda Spine Surgery Mission on its website, and explore products for your surgeons and operating room.