Fighting Heat Intolerance with the Multiple Sclerosis Foundation

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MS Foundation

To a person who is medically intolerant to heat, a personal cooling system doesn’t just offer comfort. It provides mobility, independence, and greater opportunity in daily life.

Multiple sclerosis, or MS, is a potentially disabling disease that affects the brain and central nervous system. Symptoms tend to worsen in hot conditions. As a result, many people with MS are restricted in their activities and must spend more time indoors.

That’s why COOLSHIRT joined in a relationship with the Multiple Sclerosis Foundation, which provides comprehensive, free support to those who have MS. Through the partnership, COOLSHIRT offers products to improve mobility and cooling.

This includes:

Each of these systems allows the wearer to stay comfortable on-the-go and even in hot conditions. According to Steve Wakefield, Chief Financial Officer of COOLSHIRT, “By partnering with the Multiple Sclerosis Foundation, COOLSHIRT hopes to help people maintain a safer body temperature and a better quality of life.”

Find out about the work of the Multiple Sclerosis Foundation, and learn about COOLSHIRT’s products for heat intolerance.