Keeping Film Productions on Budget

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Film Productions

COOLSHIRT Outfits Crew Members to Prevent Costly Delays

Film productions frequently focus on the needs of the cast, particularly the headlining talent that draws the box office revenue. However, cost overruns during a shoot can substantially reduce earnings, particularly if there are additional takes, delays, or injuries on set. To keep productions moving and on budget, professional filmmakers and crew members invest in COOLSHIRT products.

Here’s an example: movies often make use of Steadicam® technology: lightweight mountings that keep cameras level during handheld or moving shots. Steadicam operators have to maneuver nimbly to keep the focus on the actors. Maintaining that agility isn’t easy shot after shot, and one ruined take could cost thousands.

The same risk applies to boom operators, who hold large microphones on poles as close to actors as possible without entering the camera’s frame. The work can be hot and sweaty, and with inhospitable conditions, there’s an opportunity for mistakes.

COOLSHIRT offers a comprehensive line of garments and systems to help keep crews focused and safe—particularly on shoots in extreme environments. Some of our most popular products are:

  • 2COOL Compression Water Shirt, a form-fitting and unobtrusive garment that circulates cooled liquid around the wearer.
  • MobileCool BP2, a lightweight, self-contained backpack that works with any of our garments.
  • MobileCool WP1, a waist pack cooling engine ideal for camera and boom operators, grips, and special effects technicians.

Customers have also requested tailor-made designs to meet their needs. COOLSHIRT has been able to incorporate our active cooling engines directly into film equipment in these cases, allowing crew members to keep their hands free, stay mobile, and prevent fatigue.

Whether you are running a production or you are a crew member looking for a more comfortable way to work, you can learn more about COOLSHIRT’s film products on our website.