Powering Up and Cooling Down

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Powering Up and Cooling DownKeeping Energy Generation Workers Safe in Hot Conditions

A large-scale solar plant has the capacity to power over 150,000 individual homes. Creating the infrastructure to reap these benefits isn’t without its challenges, however, including protecting workers on the job site.

COOLSHIRT supports companies in solar energy, nuclear, oil and gas, and other areas of power generation with cooling products for workers in hot environments. Solar power businesses in particular have invested in our solutions because of the unique aspects of their facilities:

  • Solar sites such as the Mojave Desert can average 104°F in summer months.
  • Large solar power plants require sizeable tracts of land, which out of necessity may be located far from emergency medical services.
  • Facilities may employ hundreds of professionals for installation, oversite, and maintenance.

Solar companies and other power generation businesses keep employees safer—and comply with OSHA regulations—by helping workers stay cool in hot conditions. Measures such as pop-tents, water stations, and evaporative garments can offer some benefits. However, employers also want solutions that can quickly bring workers to a safe core temperature if they begin to overheat.

COOLSHIRT has responded by offering:

Our company continues to develop solutions based on discussions with customers. If your business has unique challenges in power generation, talk with COOLSHIRT, or explore more of our cooling products for industrial workers.