Safer Processes for Industry

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Safer Processes for Industry

Preventing Worker Heat Stress in Manufacturing

Industrial processes can expose workers to extremely high temperatures. That’s why manufacturing businesses rely on COOLSHIRT to help protect their employees in some of the toughest job conditions.

One example is industrial furnace maintenance. These systems provide heat for manufacturing processes in the glass, steel, and refining sectors, among others. Furnace temperatures can reach over 2000°F.

That’s 1/5 the temperature of the sun.

Like every manufacturing resource, furnaces undergo wear-and-tear over time. However, inspecting and repairing systems requires focus and care in close proximity to very high temperatures. Full-body gear can protect furnace workers but can decrease air circulation and increase their risk of heat stress.

Another example: paper mills.

Paper mill facilities often have hot and humid conditions that range from 80°F to 120°F. Temperatures can get particularly high around the drying hoods, coaters, and drying cylinders and above the machinery.

As with furnace workers, paper mill employees need solutions that keep them at a safe core body temperature. They also require solutions that let them stay mobile.

Companies in both sectors rely on COOLSHIRT for these solutions. Our best-selling units include our mobile cooling waist pack and mobile cooling backpack. Each is an untethered system that pumps cooled liquid through tubed, full-torso garments. Unlike evaporative solutions and ice packs, these products are long-lasting and lightweight.

If employees in your manufacturing business work in high temperatures or are at risk for heat stress, we invite you to learn more about our solutions.