Tailor-Made for Movies

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Tailor-Made for Movies

COOLSHIRT Customizes Systems for Film Productions


While films typically purchase COOLSHIRT products “off the rack”—helping keep actors safe and comfortable during shoots—other productions require custom designs. COOLSHIRT is one of the few companies that tailors garments and systems to meet this need.

Typically, actors keep COOLSHIRT garments beneath their costumes so that they won’t appear on camera. This isn’t always possible when costumes are snug, a non-standard size, or don’t fully cover the torso. This might include:

  • A film superhero in a form-fitting uniform.
  • A larger-than-life villain.
  • An actress wearing a costume with a scoop neckline.

COOLSHIRT has actually provided custom solutions to films with challenges very similar to these examples. It works with productions either to alter garments or to integrate active cooling elements into the costumes themselves.

Typically, the work begins when a costume supervisor gets in touch. COOLSHIRT’s reputation is well-known in the film industry, and so this contact often comes from a referral or from past experience with our products.


  • Identifies the requirements of the garments. This might include a cooling shirt, pants, vest, hood, or other products.
  • Collects sizing information. Actors in blockbuster movies can have truly heroic proportions; COOLSHIRT has filled orders as large as a size 6XL, so knowing if the requirements are non-standard helps.
  • Determines if the project requires modifying the shape of the garment, adding custom cooling zones, or rearranging the placement of tubing.
  • Develops a schedule for production and delivery.

Custom garments work with any of COOLSHIRT’s active cooling engines, including its waist, backpack, and bag systems, and the company is always open to answering unique challenges with effective solutions.

Learn more about our cooling garments for film and other industries, or contact COOLSHIRT to explore customization.