A.R.C.Hybrid Cooling System

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As a safety professional, you always want your workers to have access to leading edge safety tools that improve safety and focus. Working with COOLSHIRT SYSTEMS for over the past two years allowed me to help design a tool by lineman for lineman. The A.R.C. SYSTEM by COOLSHIRT SYSTEMS allows lineman to remain more focused and less fatigued by reducing their core body temperature in extreme environments, therefore reducing the possibility of unintended accidents.

-James “Jim” Bonner
Compliance Coordinator- Retired
Alabama Power


Developed in conjunction with major power companies for use in extreme heat conditions, The A.R.C.Hybrid Cooling System uses liquid cooling to reduce fatigue, injury, and heat stress related illnesses. The system includes our mobile ice based cooler, a 7 hour lithium ion battery with charger and a 70E Arc Rated Arc Flash Cat. 2 rated Liquid Cooled Vest (Available in two sizes, S-M and L-XL*)


Designed specifically for use by linemen, the A.R.C.Hybrid Cooling System features a compact design with a custom woven strap mounting system, and the use of S-hooks offers the versatility of mounting inside or outside of the bucket.

The A.R.C.Hybrid Cooling System is designed with portability in mind, measuring 6” x 6” x 20” and weighing in at less than 10 lbs dry. The unit is entirely self-contained and built to last with a 20,000 hour pump.

Comes complete with the A.R.C. Hybrid Cooler, our 70E Arc Rated liquid cooled vest, a 4 foot safety pull water hose, one container of Maintenance Additive, and two 32.oz packs of our Endurance Ice




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