Standard Rehab System

Code: 3001-0003


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The Standard Rehab System is specially designed for firefighters in rehab. The Aqua vest is simple to use and will safely lower the core body temperature of the firefighter who is suffering from heat stress.
Our systems can rehabilitate up to six firefighters from a single cooler.

• Cools 28 times faster than cool air
• Requires very little time to set up
• Simple to operate and use
• Easy to switch out from person-to-person
• Nothing special required, only ice, water and power
• Comfortable to wear

Based on NASA technology, our scientific approach to cooling the human body is safe and efficient.
The firefighter who has become heat stressed now has a better way of regaining proper vital signs and
getting back to work safely. This revolutionary yet simple technology is available EXCLUSIVELY from
COOLSHIRT Systems. It has been field tested and approved by firefighters under actual working conditions

Additional information

Weight 48.2 lbs
Dimensions 20 × 18.5 × 20.7 in
Continuous Cooling Capacity

300 Watts, 1023 BTU/hr