About Us

Executive Summary

COOLSHIRT SYSTEMS (the “Company”) is privately owned and is located 20 miles south of the Atlanta airport in Peachtree City, Georgia. The Company provides personal cooling systems using the name brand COOLSHIRT®. The Company has been in business since 1987 and has become the leader in personal cooling systems.

Originally, the Company provided cooling devices to surgeons to keep them cool in the operating room. Over the years, COOLSHIRT SYSTEMS has expanded into other vertical markets including Racing, Fire Fighters, Sports and Industry.

COOLSHIRT SYSTEMS has a history of profitable and conservative operations. The company is able to fund its steady growth and operations with internal cash flow. With significant opportunities with International Markets, United States Air Force, Industrial applications and new products, COOLSHIRT is positioned to maintain its leadership position in the market.

Company Background

COOLSHIRT SYSTEMS is the leading provider of personal cooling systems for surgeons, racecar drivers, football players, fire & emergency services, hazmat, military and industrial workers. COOLSHIRT active cooling systems help people manage body heat in extreme environments.

The invention that launched COOLSHIRT was a cooling vest for surgeons to use in the operating room. The company has spent many years working beside surgeons under hot operating room lights as a distribution for replacement knees, hips, etc. In a true entrepreneurial spirit, The Company saw the opportunity to help the doctors that were helping those in need and the Surgeon’s Cool Vest was born in 1987.