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New: Cool-A-Clava Comfort System for Helmets

COOLSHIRT SYSTEMS recently introduced the Cool-A-Clava: a patent-pending and first-of-its-kind cooling balaclava. The product made its debut in late 2015 at the Performance Racing Industry Trade Show.

An ideal and affordable solution for maintaining comfortable conditions around the head, the Cool-A-Clava inserts into almost any helmet and connects directly to one of COOLSHIRT’s engines. These systems circulate chilled liquid through the Cool-A-Clava to keep the wearer focused and at a safer body temperature.

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COOLSHIRT’s Partnership with the Trans-Am Series

In 2015, COOLSHIRT became the official driver cooling system for the SCCA Pro Racing Trans-Am Series. While over 50,000 racers use COOLSHIRT SYSTEMS in a variety of motorsports competitions, we developed the partnership with the Trans-Am Series because it embodies everything that we’re about.

Trans-Am races are 100 miles in length. Since they don’t require mandatory pit stops, they’re driver-versus-driver sprints. Each event is about flat-out racing, where focus, quick-reaction timing, and performance are incredibly important. We’re excited to contribute to this competition.

As part of the relationship:

  • COOLSHIRT sponsors the “COOL Move of the Race” in each of the 12 events in the series.
  • Trans-Am selects the driver who made the race’s most impressive move, and COOLSHIRT rewards him or her with one of our top-rated garments. Typically, it’s our 2Cool FR shirt, which is SFI 3.3-certified flame-retardant.
  • Drivers can combine the garment with one of our cooling engines, such as the Pro Air & Water, which also sends blower-enhanced, HEPA-4 filtered air to the helmet.

Watch live broadcasts of Trans-Am Series races through CBS Sports Network, learn more about the series on its website, and explore more motorsports cooling products from COOLSHIRT.

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Explore COOLSHIRT’s Tailor-Made System for Professional Driver Cindi Lux

Each motorsports driver has different needs, and fine-tuning everything related to competition, from shocks to tires, helps racers have more success on the track.

Ask Cindi Lux. An experienced driver and race team owner, Lux has garnered 12 road racing championships, more than 81 victories, over 156 podium finishes, and 52 pole positions. She’s also the highest starting and finishing driver in SCCA World Challenge GT history.

Most recently, Lux has been competing in the Trans Am Series (TA3), which pits American “gran turismo” cars like Corvettes and Vipers against exotics from across the world.

As accomplished as Lux is, she came to COOLSHIRT with a challenge. Intense temperatures and overheating were causing her fatigue and heat stress during races. She needed a cooling system designed for the way that she competed so that she could stay hydrated, alert, and comfortable behind the wheel.

Lux requested a system that:

  • Reduced heat around her shoulders and torso.
  • Lasted through the length of the race.
  • Would stand up to the high temperatures generated by her Dodge Viper ACR-X racecar.

Lux says, “Racing a Viper, I can experience cockpit temps up to 140 degrees! Trust me, it is extremely tough to focus during a long race if my body and brain are being cooked.”

COOLSHIRT met with Lux to plan a custom solution. We pinpointed where she felt cooling would be most beneficial, and then we worked with our design and sewing team to create a product that met these specifications.

COOLSHIRT used a Pro Air & Water system as the engine for Lux’s solution. It delivers blower-enhanced, HEPA-4 filtered air to her helmet, and it pumps temperature-controlled cooled water through her garment, which includes extra tubing in the heat zones. COOLSHIRT modified the engine with a larger pump to cool these areas more effectively.

Lux’s experience working with COOLSHIRT? “Talk about superior customer service,” she says. “More importantly, they love what they do and it shows. I have seen a huge increase in my ability to focus longer during a race, and my COOLSHIRT is like my helmet now. I don’t get into a racecar without it.”

See Cindi Lux’s website to learn more about her team and upcoming races. Interested in custom cooling systems and garments? Contact COOLSHIRT to discuss our solutions.

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shea holbrook

Helping Racers Stay Cool Behind the Wheel

In a sport that requires strength, fast reaction timing, and concentration under intense conditions and high temperatures, staying cool offers a competitive edge. That’s why COOLSHIRT partnered with Shea Holbrook, a six-race winner in the Pirelli World Challenge Touring Car class.

To the uninitiated, touring car racing is a motorsports competition between heavily modified, road-worthy cars. Imagine racing in a souped-up version of your Honda Accord, pushing the limit on straightaways and hairpin turns, and you’ll get a sense of what makes the sport special.

Holbrook is a nationally recognized driver whose 10 years of racing accomplishments include winning the Long Beach Grand Prix in 2011, making her the first woman to place first in a major Touring Car race at the venue. She’s also the owner of the Shea Racing team, which she founded with her father.

As a successful competitor and business leader, Holbrook has proven she has what it takes to stay cool under pressure. A partnership with COOLSHIRT has helped make that more than a metaphor.

“One thing we can keep constant to ensure driver focus is maintaining the right temperature in the cockpit,” Holbrook says. “That’s why we rely on COOLSHIRT SYSTEMS. They provide one very important element to our success and safety on the track.”

Holbrook’s team of cars uses COOLSHIRT’s body cooling club system, a compact active cooling engine ideal for drivers who have limited space or shorter race durations. For safety, drivers combine it with our 2Cool FR shirts, which are SFI 3.3-certified flame-retardant. The cooling engine circulates chilled liquid around the garment throughout staging and races, preventing dehydration and helping drivers focus on the course.

Visit Shea Holbrook’s website to learn more about her team and upcoming races, and find out about all of COOLSHIRT’S motorsports products.