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MS Foundation

To a person who is medically intolerant to heat, a personal cooling system doesn’t just offer comfort. It provides mobility, independence, and greater opportunity in daily life.

Multiple sclerosis, or MS, is a potentially disabling disease that affects the brain and central nervous system. Symptoms tend to worsen in hot conditions. As a result, many people with MS are restricted in their activities and must spend more time indoors.

That’s why COOLSHIRT joined in a relationship with the Multiple Sclerosis Foundation, which provides comprehensive, free support to those who have MS. Through the partnership, COOLSHIRT offers products to improve mobility and cooling.

This includes:

Each of these systems allows the wearer to stay comfortable on-the-go and even in hot conditions. According to Steve Wakefield, Chief Financial Officer of COOLSHIRT, “By partnering with the Multiple Sclerosis Foundation, COOLSHIRT hopes to help people maintain a safer body temperature and a better quality of life.”

Find out about the work of the Multiple Sclerosis Foundation, and learn about COOLSHIRT’s products for heat intolerance.

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Because of the lengthy and physical demands of surgery, many operating rooms are cooled for surgeon comfort. However, unplanned hypothermia presents serious risks.

The Association of periOperative Registered Nurses (AORN) notes, “When a large surface area must be exposed for the surgical procedure, forced air warming may not be sufficient. (…) the severity of hypothermia may be reduced by raising the room temperature to more than 23°C (73.4° F).”

While warm temperatures can protect from the risk of hypothermia, these conditions can cause doctors to…

  • Become overheated, reducing their efficiency in surgery.
  • Perspire, making it more difficult to handle instruments.
  • Lose focus during lengthy operations.

Doctors may already be familiar with cooling options like evaporating neck wraps, ice packs, and air-blowing systems. However, each has its drawbacks, such as limited duration, weight, and limited effectiveness.

Water transfers heat more than 20 times faster than air. That’s why COOLSHIRT’s garments integrate up to 60 feet of thin, non-kink tubing with cooling liquids. Our products promote the surgeon’s comfort even in environments approaching 95°F. Learn more about our medical cooling solutions.

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uganda spine surgery mission

The Uganda Spine Surgery Mission improves the lives of men, women, and children facing severe spinal ailments. Recently, COOLSHIRT joined the effort, upgrading conditions for volunteer surgical teams in East Africa.

Each surgery that these volunteers perform gives new hope to people who might otherwise not receive proper medical care. However:

  • Procedures can last 7-10 hours and take place in very high temperatures.
  • Traditional cooling methods are not always available because of the lack of ice.
  • Older styles of cooling garments add weight as they lose effectiveness.

Dr. Paul Holman, a Mission volunteer and director of the Houston Methodist Spine Center, says, “One of the biggest issues we face is extreme OR temperatures that make fatigue a huge problem. Having an iceless unit there that only requires water would be a blessing beyond comprehension.”

COOLSHIRT responded, donating an entire iceless cooling system as well as garments and accessories to the effort. With this contribution, we hope to allow doctors to perform a higher number of surgeries so that they can help more people in need.

Learn more about the Uganda Spine Surgery Mission on its website, and explore products for your surgeons and operating room.

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Safer Processes for Industry

Preventing Worker Heat Stress in Manufacturing

Industrial processes can expose workers to extremely high temperatures. That’s why manufacturing businesses rely on COOLSHIRT to help protect their employees in some of the toughest job conditions.

One example is industrial furnace maintenance. These systems provide heat for manufacturing processes in the glass, steel, and refining sectors, among others. Furnace temperatures can reach over 2000°F.

That’s 1/5 the temperature of the sun.

Like every manufacturing resource, furnaces undergo wear-and-tear over time. However, inspecting and repairing systems requires focus and care in close proximity to very high temperatures. Full-body gear can protect furnace workers but can decrease air circulation and increase their risk of heat stress.

Another example: paper mills.

Paper mill facilities often have hot and humid conditions that range from 80°F to 120°F. Temperatures can get particularly high around the drying hoods, coaters, and drying cylinders and above the machinery.

As with furnace workers, paper mill employees need solutions that keep them at a safe core body temperature. They also require solutions that let them stay mobile.

Companies in both sectors rely on COOLSHIRT for these solutions. Our best-selling units include our mobile cooling waist pack and mobile cooling backpack. Each is an untethered system that pumps cooled liquid through tubed, full-torso garments. Unlike evaporative solutions and ice packs, these products are long-lasting and lightweight.

If employees in your manufacturing business work in high temperatures or are at risk for heat stress, we invite you to learn more about our solutions.

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Aviation Industry Workers

Cooling for Aviation Industry Workers

Aviation employees produce, assemble, and maintain the aircraft that support national defense and over 8.5 million U.S. commercial flights each year. From troop transports to weekend trips to Vegas, consumers rely on the quality of aviation work.

To safeguard this quality, companies are implementing new ways to keep employees focused and safe and to stay in compliance with federal workplace requirements. Solutions have to suit the worker’s conditions, which vary depending on the job. Consider:

  • Electricians who go inside of an aircraft’s confines to install equipment or make repairs.
  • Paint booth employees who wear heavy personal protective equipment.
  • Ground crews that prepare craft for takeoff from the tarmac or flight deck.

Each of these jobs requires attention and care. However, workers often face rising temperatures from the environment or equipment. This increases the risk of fatigue, dehydration, and heat stroke.

Aviation businesses turn to COOLSHIRT for solutions that are lightweight, fast, and effective enough to help workers without hindering their ability to do their job. We offer both…

Mobile solutions that go where workers go. Our mobile cooling backpack and waist pack units provide untethered, extended comfort to individual employees.

Cooling stations. Aviation companies situate our six-person systems in a company’s main hangar, at the airport, or in their other facilities. These systems give groups of employees a chance to cool down quickly to safer body temperatures.

If your business is involved in aviation or another area where performance is essential and worker safety is paramount, explore our cooling products for industry, or talk to COOLSHIRT about our solutions.


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Powering Up and Cooling DownKeeping Energy Generation Workers Safe in Hot Conditions

A large-scale solar plant has the capacity to power over 150,000 individual homes. Creating the infrastructure to reap these benefits isn’t without its challenges, however, including protecting workers on the job site.

COOLSHIRT supports companies in solar energy, nuclear, oil and gas, and other areas of power generation with cooling products for workers in hot environments. Solar power businesses in particular have invested in our solutions because of the unique aspects of their facilities:

  • Solar sites such as the Mojave Desert can average 104°F in summer months.
  • Large solar power plants require sizeable tracts of land, which out of necessity may be located far from emergency medical services.
  • Facilities may employ hundreds of professionals for installation, oversite, and maintenance.

Solar companies and other power generation businesses keep employees safer—and comply with OSHA regulations—by helping workers stay cool in hot conditions. Measures such as pop-tents, water stations, and evaporative garments can offer some benefits. However, employers also want solutions that can quickly bring workers to a safe core temperature if they begin to overheat.

COOLSHIRT has responded by offering:

Our company continues to develop solutions based on discussions with customers. If your business has unique challenges in power generation, talk with COOLSHIRT, or explore more of our cooling products for industrial workers.