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    Film Cooling Engines

    MobileCool WP1



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    The COOLSHIRT ® MobileCool WP1 keeps you consistently cool and safe especially in a hot environment.

    Powered by 7.4V, it is used as a self contained portable cooling system  providing the portability needed to continue normal work functions without being tied down to a power outlet. Consistent use of the system will help keep you mentally alert and productive by helping to maintain a safe core body temperature while performing your tasks.


    Compatible with all Cool Suits and Cooling Suits




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  • single-personcooler
    Film Cooling Engines

    Single Person System Industrial Grade


    Our Single Person Cooling system is specifically built to keep you cooler longer

    • Cools 28 times faster than cool air
    • Requires very little time to set up
    • Simple to operate and use
    • Easy to switch out from person-to-person
    • Nothing special required, only ice, water and power

    *Water supply hose sold separately


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  • First Responder

    8ft Water Hose w/ Safety Pull Fittings



    8′ water hose with our safety pull release fittings. This hose is designed to work with our ice-based systems and will release with 20lbs of force on the female fittings. Will work with most COOLSHIRT garments.


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