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    Pro Air and Water System


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    The COOLSHIRT® Pro Air & Water System delivers temperature-controlled cooled water to the driver’s COOLSHIRT and cooled blower-enhanced HEPA-4 filtered air to their helmet.

    Also available with the SFI-Approved FireWear® fire-retardant COOLSHIRT. The COOLSHIRT Pro Air & Water System comes with a 12 or 24 quart cooling unit with an internal pump that supplies temperature-controlled cool water to the shirt and HEPA-4 filtered, chilled air to your helmet via a 235 CFM blower.

    Twelve feet of double insulated water hose with automatic shutoff/quick disconnects attach the shirt to the unit, and the Dual Temperature Control Switch allows the user to regulate the flow and the temperature of water for personal comfort based on external temperature variation.

    Emergency pull release standard on all racing products.

    Compatible with All CoolSuits and Cooling Suits

    MAXIMUM VOLTAGE: 12V. Greater voltage will void warranty.

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  • Endurance Ice

    Endurance Ice

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    COOLSHIRT Endurance Ice contains a specially formulated leakproof, long lasting, viscous gel refrigerant made with non-toxic ingredients listed as FDA GRAS. Rated “Best in all aspects”. COOLSHIRT Endurance Ice is the ultimate in refrigerant cold packs.  Features include:

    • Long lasting cold
    • Efficient transfer of energy
    • Leakproof
    • Reusable
    • Economical


  • h-8
    MS Accessories

    Water Hose (MS)

    SKU: 8′ Hose – 4008-3000,  12′ Hose – 4012-1000, 20′ Hose – 4020-1000


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  • Evolution Shirt

    Evolution Shirt


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    Featuring double the tubing of our standard shirt for more cooling, and taking advantage of our race-tested tubing and sewing methods, the new cotton Evolution shirt is just as rugged and easy to use as the shirts that we started the driver-cooling industry with.

    If you have ever wanted more cooling, the Evolution series is perfect for you.


    The Shirt Features:

    • Double the tubing of our standard shirts
    • Won’t Shrink, Pick or Fade
    • Extra Length
    • Clean Seams
    • Machine Wash, Machine Dry
    • Compatible with All CoolSuits and Cooling Suits



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