Keep a Cool Head

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New: Cool-A-Clava Comfort System for Helmets

COOLSHIRT SYSTEMS recently introduced the Cool-A-Clava: a patent-pending and first-of-its-kind cooling balaclava. The product made its debut in late 2015 at the Performance Racing Industry Trade Show.

An ideal and affordable solution for maintaining comfortable conditions around the head, the Cool-A-Clava inserts into almost any helmet and connects directly to one of COOLSHIRT’s engines. These systems circulate chilled liquid through the Cool-A-Clava to keep the wearer focused and at a safer body temperature.

Though the Cool-A-Clava has potential uses in areas such as industry and first response, motorsports customers in particular should benefit from the advance.

The Cool-a-Clava helmet insert can plug into any of COOLSHIRT’S current ice-based and non-ice-based systems. Customers don’t need to purchase special hardware, and the system is compatible with almost every motorsports helmet currently on the market.

Until the Cool-A-Clava’s release, COOLSHIRT’s alternative to head cooling for motorsports had been the Pro Air & Water system, which:

  • Pumps cooled liquid through COOLSHIRT garments.
  • Brings in chilled, HEPA-4 filtered air to the helmet.
  • Helps to defog the driver’s visor during competition.

While the Pro Air & Water System offers great features, the Cool-A-Clava trades some of these benefits for excellent cooling at a lower price. This makes it more accessible to drivers who have fewer resources but the same will to compete.

“We are extremely excited about this product,” said Jeremy Ellis, COOLSHIRT’S Division Director of Motorsports. “Effective, affordable, active cooling for helmets is one of the most in-demand solutions we’ve been able to offer customers.”

Find out more about keeping a cool head with the Cool-A-Clava, and learn about other motorsports products from COOLSHIRT.