Kicking Into High Gear

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COOLSHIRT’s Partnership with the Trans-Am Series

In 2015, COOLSHIRT became the official driver cooling system for the SCCA Pro Racing Trans-Am Series. While over 50,000 racers use COOLSHIRT SYSTEMS in a variety of motorsports competitions, we developed the partnership with the Trans-Am Series because it embodies everything that we’re about.

Trans-Am races are 100 miles in length. Since they don’t require mandatory pit stops, they’re driver-versus-driver sprints. Each event is about flat-out racing, where focus, quick-reaction timing, and performance are incredibly important. We’re excited to contribute to this competition.

As part of the relationship:

  • COOLSHIRT sponsors the “COOL Move of the Race” in each of the 12 events in the series.
  • Trans-Am selects the driver who made the race’s most impressive move, and COOLSHIRT rewards him or her with one of our top-rated garments. Typically, it’s our 2Cool FR shirt, which is SFI 3.3-certified flame-retardant.
  • Drivers can combine the garment with one of our cooling engines, such as the Pro Air & Water, which also sends blower-enhanced, HEPA-4 filtered air to the helmet.

Watch live broadcasts of Trans-Am Series races through CBS Sports Network, learn more about the series on its website, and explore more motorsports cooling products from COOLSHIRT.