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Aviation Industry Workers

Cooling for Aviation Industry Workers

Aviation employees produce, assemble, and maintain the aircraft that support national defense and over 8.5 million U.S. commercial flights each year. From troop transports to weekend trips to Vegas, consumers rely on the quality of aviation work.

To safeguard this quality, companies are implementing new ways to keep employees focused and safe and to stay in compliance with federal workplace requirements. Solutions have to suit the worker’s conditions, which vary depending on the job. Consider:

  • Electricians who go inside of an aircraft’s confines to install equipment or make repairs.
  • Paint booth employees who wear heavy personal protective equipment.
  • Ground crews that prepare craft for takeoff from the tarmac or flight deck.

Each of these jobs requires attention and care. However, workers often face rising temperatures from the environment or equipment. This increases the risk of fatigue, dehydration, and heat stroke.

Aviation businesses turn to COOLSHIRT for solutions that are lightweight, fast, and effective enough to help workers without hindering their ability to do their job. We offer both…

Mobile solutions that go where workers go. Our mobile cooling backpack and waist pack units provide untethered, extended comfort to individual employees.

Cooling stations. Aviation companies situate our six-person systems in a company’s main hangar, at the airport, or in their other facilities. These systems give groups of employees a chance to cool down quickly to safer body temperatures.

If your business is involved in aviation or another area where performance is essential and worker safety is paramount, explore our cooling products for industry, or talk to COOLSHIRT about our solutions.